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Hi! I’m jessica

mom, perfectionist

Hi.  I’m Jess Hubbard.  I’m a career educator with over 15 years of classroom teaching experience and school administrative experience.  I also have a huge amount of student loan debt that tells me that I have a solid legal education.  I’m a wife to a hilarious man who thinks everything is a joke and only knows how to talk with the full volume and power of his voice (but it’s not yelling!!!).  And I’m a mom to a fun-loving, curious, bold, little girl.  She just turned two and I cannot even wrap my head around that.  I’m also a dog-mom to LouLou (named after Lou Gehrig) a rescue dog with lots of fluffy white fur that sheds constantly and magically finds ways to weave itself into the very fabric of our clothing.

You’re exhausted.  And there’s still so much to do.

It was three a.m. and I had just finished nursing my infant daughter.  She had already fallen back asleep with a full belly of milk.  My husband was snoring loudly next to me with his useless nipples on full display.  I wanted so badly to go back to sleep to just get maybe a little bit of sleep before the next hunger cries had me up again.  And I couldn’t.  There was just too much internet to read.  And too much to worry about.

Maybe you found this blog via recommendation, or maybe it’s the middle of the night and you’re reading because you have a question or concern, or maybe you want to stay awake because it’s the only time you actually get to yourself.  

Exhausting Motherhood is here because motherhood is frigging exhausting.  It is the most tiring thing you will ever do.  And if you’re like me, you want to get as much out of it as you can.  You want to be the best, read all the books, say all the right things, buy the best baby gear, look like the perfect mom.  You want to exhaust all your resources and all the options.  That’s what Exhausting Motherhood means.  You’re exhausted but you don’t stop because you want to get the most out of it all.

So let’s become internet friends.  Join my village.  Motherhood can be so incredibly isolating.  It’s like middle school, when you thought you were the ONLY one out there who was miserable and unhappy.  And then you grew up and realized everyone else was too.  So let’s skip the isolated part and build our village out and up.

i don’t know everything-

but i know some of the things

I am not a therapist or a psychologist or a medical doctor.  I’m just a perfectionist and really interested in figuring out how to do this mom-ing thing the best way possible.  You know, where I’m the least tired, I still look pretty okay, and where my husband and I still like each other a lot. 

I rely on trial and error (lots and lots of error) and other experts (books, articles, therapists) to guide me.  I’ll give you my honest take, and maybe I’ll have some recommendations that can improve on the experts’. 

I know a thing or two about education (I’m a career educator with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership).  I know that mom-ing is really tough, and whenever I’ve learned something difficult (all three years of law school), I needed a lot of support, a lot of examples, and a lot of good teachers, and study buddies.  So let’s become each others’ study-buddy and share the stuff that we figure out.

Here’s what I want to talk about on this blog:


Age and developmentally-appropriate activities and strategies for your child


Mommy makeup and beauty, aging skincare, exhausted skincare, and how to get ready in 30 minutes or less and look moderately decent


All things baby, bump, and boobs


Marriage and partnership- or continuing to like the person that you decided to have children with in the first place

tired is an understatement

“If you’re completely exhausted and don’t know how you’re going to keep giving this much of yourself day after day, you’re probably a good parent.”     -Bunmi Laditan

Mothers are the only ones who think nothing is beyond their control when it comes to their children.”                   -Ali Fazal  

“Being a mom has made me so tired.  And so happy.”  -Tina Fey

mom-ing & parenting is tough, but it doesn’t have to be lonely

join my village